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Tourist Visa Information – Visa 2 China – China Visas made easy

You Need to Provide


Passport The applicant’s actual passport. The passport must:
● Have at least two blank visa pages
● Be valid six months beyond entry date
● Be issued as a full validity passport
● Not be damaged in any way

Photograph X 2

You may provide 2 colour, passport type photographs meeting the following strict criteria:
1. Be taken within the last three months against a white background and printed on high quality photo paper;
2. Be 35mm by 45mm in size; provide the full frontal view of your head with your face centered in the middle and displaying a neutral (non-smiling) expression.
3. You may wear neither spectacles nor headwear except for religious purposes.
4. Your photograph should not be affixed to your application and may not display evidence of adhesive or staples.

Click here to view the guidelines

Flight Itinerary & Hotel Booking Confirmation

Flight confirmations and hotel bookings for the entire duration of your stay are required as part of the application process.

Please note that we recommend purchasing fully refundable flights and hotels until you have confirmation that your visa is ready.

Flight Confirmations in the form of an internet printout are acceptable.

Hotel booking must be in the form of a hotel voucher from any hotel site such as bookings.com or hotel.com.

Copy of Passport

A photocopy of the following document(s) must be submitted to:
● A clear colour copy of the information page(s) from the applicant’s passport
● A clear colour copy of the applicant’s valid proof of legal status in the UK where applicable. Applicants who fail to supply the necessary photocopies will be charged a £10.00 + VAT fee and risk a delay in the submission of the application as will make the copies on the applicants behalf.

Visa Application Form

One fully completed and signed application form
● Applicants must fully complete all answers to all questions
● Applicants whose occupation includes media related activities must state their full job title in 1.15
● Applicants who are self employed must supply a full and detailed job title in 1.15
● Questions that do not apply to the applicant must be completed as “not applicable”
● Handwritten forms must be completed in block capitals and black ink only
● There can be no handwritten changes or correction fluid
● Applicants must sign the form in the original
● Each page of the application form must be printed on separate sheets of A4 paper
● Signature on visa form must match signature on passport

Click here to download the form

Online Order Confirmation

We strongly recommend to use our online payment system to make all the payments to ensure a faster process. Please print the receipt after you have made the payment via our sagepay secured checkout system.

Alternatively, if you are using our payments module, after entering and paying the required amount, please include the receipt in your visa postage package.