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About Us – Visa 2 China – China Visas made easy


A visa processing agency that specializes in ETA, we pride in quality service, quick response time and expert staff. We facilitate visa application through the ETA process. Our visa experts thoroughly review all the applications to keep errors to a bare minimum

Our experts are equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to assist you in the visa process. They have the information necessary to quicken the process and will willingly help you in all possible ways.

Our representatives at ABC Agency are well versed in multiple languages, enabling us to offer multilingual support while assisting customers from diverse backgrounds. So, if you are more comfortable talking to our staff in your native language, do say so and our friendly and helpful representatives will make sure to accommodate your request.

Timing is crucial for most and hence, we believe in offering prompt assistance and support to all customers. With our quick turnaround time policy, you will have your visa with you sooner than you think. Contact our experts today to help you out with the visa application process and leave the rest to us.